Self-Care n’ Stuff: Tunnel Songs

As a person who struggles with mental illness, it's been really important to me over the last couple of years to really focus on getting better, and getting better at taking care of myself. Self-care is a really weird thing, because it looks different for every single person. Some things may help some people to … Continue reading Self-Care n’ Stuff: Tunnel Songs

Apollo is the best (seriously): Rick Riordan’s ‘The Hidden Oracle’

*****WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE TRIALS OF APOLLO: THE HIDDEN ORACLE BELOW. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET READ IT AND DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO BE SPOILED, DO NOT PROCEED READING THIS POST.***** For as long as I can remember, I have loved ancient mythology. Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, Persia, Briton, you name it. I was a … Continue reading Apollo is the best (seriously): Rick Riordan’s ‘The Hidden Oracle’