How to Fall in Love.

Hello dear reader. If you came here looking for romantic advice, I'm sorry but you have come to absolutely the wrong place. I'm not the best person to ask those kinds of questions. And I would say that I'm sorry to have used a clickbait title to get you here but it wouldn't be true, … Continue reading How to Fall in Love.

Grief is a Tricksey Hobbit.

It's true - grief is just like death; a thief in the night. Actually, it's more like an open wound that has mostly healed and is pretty itchy and you scratch it every once in a while as a reminder that it's there and to get some relief. And then it hasn't been itchy in … Continue reading Grief is a Tricksey Hobbit.

Photoshoot Adventures: Cullen Gardens with Nick of Artanis Collective.

Last Thursday night, I got to hang out with a great friend from high school and take some pictures. It was as hot as the Amazon and we got attacked by ants while trying to find a spot for me to stand in this really lovely overgrown flower patch, but it was totally worth it. … Continue reading Photoshoot Adventures: Cullen Gardens with Nick of Artanis Collective.

Baby, baby, baby, OOOOH.

The next month or so is going to be absolutely rife with excitement. It started this weekend, with a housewarming party and a baby shower. One of my bosom friends just bought his first place! Bought it! Purchased a home! A place to live!!!!! That he bought himself!!!! I'm not sure when we became grown-ups, … Continue reading Baby, baby, baby, OOOOH.

Friendship and Realizations.

One of the hardest things about leaving university and moving back to my home town has been the distance between me and my friends. Everyone is scattered all over the province, doing new things, moving on to the next part of their life. And it is nearly impossible to collect everyone together into one place. … Continue reading Friendship and Realizations.