Moving is the worst and I am tired.

FRIENDS. I promise I am alive. The last two months or so have been insanely busy and exhausting. And it's because I'm moving. Well, trying to at least. And I have to tell you, it's the worst. If you can avoid it, just don't do it. And I'm only RENTING. I can't even imagine trying … Continue reading Moving is the worst and I am tired.

Dear Carrie: A Love Letter.

Dear Carrie, It's been almost a month since you went to be with the Force. It all still hurts and it all still doesn't feel real. I'm grieving for your Billie. I'm so sorry that she lost you so soon. I've been reading everything that I can get my hands on about you. And I'm … Continue reading Dear Carrie: A Love Letter.

How to Fall in Love.

Hello dear reader. If you came here looking for romantic advice, I'm sorry but you have come to absolutely the wrong place. I'm not the best person to ask those kinds of questions. And I would say that I'm sorry to have used a clickbait title to get you here but it wouldn't be true, … Continue reading How to Fall in Love.