Self-Care n’ Stuff: Tunnel Songs

As a person who struggles with mental illness, it's been really important to me over the last couple of years to really focus on getting better, and getting better at taking care of myself. Self-care is a really weird thing, because it looks different for every single person. Some things may help some people to … Continue reading Self-Care n’ Stuff: Tunnel Songs

Dear Carrie: A Love Letter.

Dear Carrie, It's been almost a month since you went to be with the Force. It all still hurts and it all still doesn't feel real. I'm grieving for your Billie. I'm so sorry that she lost you so soon. I've been reading everything that I can get my hands on about you. And I'm … Continue reading Dear Carrie: A Love Letter.

Book Eight? I don’t know.

If you know me at all, then you know that I'm the resident Harry Potter nerd in most of my different (sometimes intersecting) friend groups. I was the founder and President (Chapter Organizer) of The Wilfrid Laurier University chapter of The Harry Potter Alliance for four years. I both participated in and taught a Medieval … Continue reading Book Eight? I don’t know.

Apollo is the best (seriously): Rick Riordan’s ‘The Hidden Oracle’

*****WARNING: SPOILERS FOR THE TRIALS OF APOLLO: THE HIDDEN ORACLE BELOW. IF YOU HAVE NOT YET READ IT AND DON'T WANT ANYTHING TO BE SPOILED, DO NOT PROCEED READING THIS POST.***** For as long as I can remember, I have loved ancient mythology. Greece, Rome, Egypt, India, Persia, Briton, you name it. I was a … Continue reading Apollo is the best (seriously): Rick Riordan’s ‘The Hidden Oracle’

Why I’ll Never Grow Up: The Case for Superheroes and Why they Matter.

The day is Easter Monday. Usually, I would have spent the day at home with my Dad (who is now retired), but today, I ended up working an extra day at the dental office. On days my Dad and I spend together at home, ¬†we like to watch daytime TV and give live commentary while … Continue reading Why I’ll Never Grow Up: The Case for Superheroes and Why they Matter.