Ya Girl is Doin’ the Thing.

Hello friends!

It’s June!!!!!! How the hell did that happen??? It’s been January for five months, I swear.


You all know that I am literally the World’s Worst Blogger™ but, I promised myself that I would start writing more because I’ve gotta start doing the things that bring me joy, more often.

So with all of that being said, I guess it’s time that I shared some pretty big news???

For those of you that have been around for a while, you know that this blog has been a lot about the Struggles of the Millennial 20Something™ to make sense of their life after they’ve finished the whole education thing; the whole, What The Hell is Next? deal. Well kids, Auntie Em has finally gotten to that part, and can (probably) stop speculating about that stuff.

Now, I haven’t wanted to talk about this ~*~*Publicly*~*~ for a couple of reasons; the first being that I was going to be embarrassed af if it didn’t end up working out (you know, how that new job lasted about six weeks, right after posting about it on the social medias? Yeah.). The second being that it still really feels super surreal. BUT, now that it’s happening for real for real, I feel better about it. I feel damn good about it, actually. The best I’ve felt about anything in a long time.

So. Here it is.


Yep, that’s right. Ya girl is doing the thing and going to Teacher’s College. This September. At the University Formerly Known As UOIT. I’m going to be learning how to shape the youths. I didn’t think I would be this excited to go back to school, but here we are, absolutely chuffed at the prospect of purchasing a new backpack. SOMEONE GET ME SOME APPLES. Granny Smith are my favourite, in case anyone was wondering. (It’s okay. I know no one was wondering.)

“But what about the job market?????” you ask.

“But what about the disgusting cuts that the Ontario Progressive Conservatives have made to the education system?????” you ask.

A job???? Pssssht. What???? I don’t know what that means???? Hush your mouth. Sounds like a January 2021 problem. And I don’t appreciate you raining on my parade, alright!?

As for right now, I’m just really happy to be moving on to something new, and getting started on the rest of my life and all of that stuff.

Anyway. This is the World’s Worst Blog Post. I just was really excited and wanted to share.

I love you.

Talk to me about what you’d like to see on the blog.

Love Always,


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