Moving is the worst and I am tired.


I promise I am alive.

The last two months or so have been insanely busy and exhausting. And it’s because I’m moving. Well, trying to at least. And I have to tell you, it’s the worst. If you can avoid it, just don’t do it. And I’m only RENTING. I can’t even imagine trying to sell a house. Also, as millennials, we all know that we will always be renting. So it’s best to not even stress oneself imagining how much worse moving would be if one was not only buying a house, but also trying to sell one.


This move is also really exciting because it means that Cam and I will be roommates!!!!!! Grown up biz, I tell ya. He’s got spreadsheets for everything; budget, groceries, things we need for the apartment… EVERYTHING. Spreadsheets really aren’t my jam because like, numbers and stuff, but it’s been super awesome having a partner who is a big Microsoft Excel nerd to take care of all that pesky stuff. I just get to window shop for pretty things to make the apartment nice. It’s a perfect partnership. I know that we’ve got a great plan in place, and we’re both all in to work that plan.

So as you can imagine, we are both super excited to get this new adventure off the ground. And like any story worth telling, it’s been the most awkward and stressful moving experience I’ve ever had. I won’t bore you with the details of how hard it is to find an apartment in Toronto, because I’m sure you can probably fill in that part by yourself. But we found this great spot that we both loved, that is not only three city blocks from both of our jobs, but also right across the street from the incredible Allan Gardens. Also – there’s a dog park… I mean, right?!?!?!? The apartment has a great layout and an awesome view of downtown and the CN Tower. The rental company told us when we were checking out the apartment, that it would be totally gutted and renovated before we move in – brand new kitchen with brand new appliances, brand new bathroom, restained floors. That just about sealed the deal for me right there.

And then the waiting began. We had a mad dash to get all of our paperwork and $$$$$ together for our application, and then an uncomfortable wait over the August long weekend to find out whether we had been accepted or not. I felt really confident that we would land it no problem. But there’s aaaaalways that twinge of doubt that tries to rain on the excitement parade. But lo and behold, we got it! INSERT HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF HERE. I didn’t realize I’d been holding my breath up to this point, but it felt damn good to exhale.

This is where everything got a little weird. Our building administrator called to let me know that there had been a delay on materials from the vendor, so unfortunately the kitchen cabinets and countertops would not be installed for our Sept. 1st move in date. Pretty much the same thing happened to my parents this summer, while we were renovating our kitchen. I wasn’t really that surprised or put out. She estimated about a two week wait, which meant eating take-out for two weeks. No big deal, right? Since waiting to move in didn’t seem like a good solution for us, we signed a waiver saying that they had informed us about the kitchen and that we were A-Ok with going ahead with the lease. We signed it. It was exciting. And about 16 pages long.

Flash forward to this past week. Cam needs to boogie because his current apartment has new tenants moving in. We had arranged to move in Cam’s stuff on the 30th, just so he wouldn’t be ya know, homeless. We had a truck booked, we had a plan, and we were mostly ready to go. I was wandering around Marshalls waiting for the keys to be ready to pick up, when Cam called.

Hey babe. Bad news. There’s no bathroom.

I’m sorry what.

The building staff had only just informed us that the apartment was not at all ready for us to move in, because of another delay with materials… but this time, for the bathroom. Which is like preeeettyyy essential to a comfortable living experience. Now, I don’t get *~*~*angry*~*~* very often… but this was just not the day I wanted to have. Not at all. This fun new experience was being spoiled by things that were totally out of our control.

Cam left work and came to the store, where we sat in the hall and I cried and he listened. Seriously – I know that everyone thinks that their partner is the best but like… I for real hit the jackpot. I hate that I cry when I’m angry. Then we headed over to the office to speak with the building staff about a solution. They offered a suite in a different building that would be ready for Sept. 1, but we really didn’t like it as much as the one we picked. It didn’t ***feel*** right. And I wasn’t comfortable settling for something we didn’t like.

We worked it out so that we’ll be moving on Sept. 15th, and they’ll be compensating us for two weeks rent, and we’re writing a letter explaining our grievances caused by the mixup to maybe land us two more. We were able to store Cam’s stuff in another unit in the building until our place is ready, so we didn’t have to cancel his truck last minute and could still get all of his stuff out of his current place. They’re doing their best to take care of us.

I had a truck for Saturday that needed to be cancelled. We had our Rogers internet/cable that needed to be postponed. I won’t be able to work for two more weeks. Cam has to commute. I’m missing my yearly geek-fest at FanExpo. We had a housewarming/birthday celebration for me planned for next weekend that needed to be postponed.

I’m disappointed, and super stressed out. But I know, like everything, there’s a lesson in this. And I feel like it’s “LEARN TO ROLL WITH THE PUNCHES GIRL, BECAUSE NOTHING EVER GOES AS PLANNED”. So we’re learning. We’re rolling. And I’m still packing. Because for some reason I never throw anything out. Ever.

Always forward though, right?

Love Always,

Emma Cate


Featured Header Image by Nick Driver.

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