It’s Spring… Kind of. (Also some photos).

I am the worst blogger ever. Like, I should have a big badge to wear, because I have made exactly three posts this year, and it’s almost halfway over. I really gotta stop telling people I’m a blogger before they find out that I don’t post nearly enough. *sigh*

In my defense, life has been pretty busy. The retail world has finally picked up again after the post-holiday slump, which is great because it means more hours. People are finally creeping out of their houses to spend money on their yards and gardens and other miscellaneous home projects. However, it also means more customers and while I love people, I just don’t always have enough energy for some of the people that darken the door of my store. Bless them. But they are bloody exhausting to deal with sometimes. And unfortunately, when I get tired, it’s very difficult for me to do things that I actually enjoy… Despite the fact that I know how much better doing those things will make me feel. But I digress.

It’s been really great to not have to wear my winter coat to work every day anymore. But don’t mistake me – it’s not warm outside. At least it hasn’t been for the last two weeks or so. Just all rain, all the time. Thankfully, my house isn’t in a spot that’s facing any danger of flooding, but I do not like being damp all day. Not at all. Not even a little. But the sun is out today so it felt like a good blogging day.

It’s been just over a year since the incredible bridal boudoir styled shoot I did with my lovely friend Madison, last April. And I’m still absolutely in love with how the images turned out.

Boudoir photography is something that I really love. I love the way it showcases the beauty of its subjects, and their confidence. It can be soft and intimate, or raw and passionate, all displaying art in vastly unique ways. It allows people to see themselves through a different “lens” (pun not intended… really), the way that others, specifically someone that they love, sees them. This is such a rare treasure; we never get a chance to see ourselves outside of a mirror. We’re uncomfortable with photos and take 498350793874127549 selfies before we’re even remotely satisfied enough with ONE image, to post it on social media. Posing for boudoir allowed me to see myself and my body in a way that I wasn’t willing to, before. Of course, there are always awkward images where you’re like, “what???? why does my arm look like that????? why didn’t she tell me my face looked like that????”. But I will tell you – I was also able to fall in love with myself. I was able to get comfortable with looking at myself wearing pretty lacy things that I love.

I posted some of this set back shortly after we first finished up the photos, but there were a few that we held back because they were being submitted for publication (which they were! Featured on Boudoir Collective, back in August). I wanted to share more of the images with all of you because I’m really proud of how beautifully they turned out.

Click on the images below to see them full-res:

I know I’ve said this approximately 78956873502 times, but this creative team was such a joy to work with. It was a privilege to wear Blair and Sarah’s art, and the lovely floral creations put together by Samantha. And don’t even get me started on that ring. I’m still pinching myself that we were published, too. Like, people… are looking at pictures…. of me…. in my underwear…. and are appreciating it as art. What a dream, am I right? It’s also helped me kick my long-standing toxic relationship with body/modesty politics right in the freakin’ face. So, if you’re offended by artful images of a twenty something gal feelin’ herself, wearing some real pretty lacy underwear and things… #SorryNotSorry.

More posts are coming… This time, I promise.

Love Always,
Emma Cate


Photography x Madison Glachan of Madison Rose Photography

Robes x Sarah Catalfo of By Catalfo

Veils + Hair Accessories x Blair Nadeau of Blair Nadeau Millinery

Makeup x Nadia Nadeem

Florals x Samantha Forrest of Pocket of Posies Floral Design

Ring x Gabriel & Co. c/o Barry’s Jewellers

Venue x Cambridge Mill, Cambridge, ON.

2 thoughts on “It’s Spring… Kind of. (Also some photos).

  1. Actually gorgeous! Love the photos of you wrapped in a sheet in front of the mirror. And that lace “cardigan” was to die for! So glad you were able to do this. These photos make my heart so happy!

    Liked by 1 person

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