Photoshoot Adventures: Fine Art Portraits with Laura Wichman Photography and Natalie Slater.

Spring is cominggggg!!!!! Well, it’s supposed to be anyway. The weather is starting look up, and the Vitamin D is really making a difference. Soon I’ll be able to waste my afternoons on the porch in the sun, with my lounge chair and a book. A girl can dream….

Speaking of dreams, I had the wonderful opportunity to do a fine art portrait session with the incredible Laura of Laura Wichman Photography, earlier this month. Laura is an absolutely fabulous artist. She specializes in fine art portraits of women; her images are absolutely stunning and her creativity is inspiring. I was really thrilled that she chose me to be a part of her project, when I responded to her casting call on the Creatives community group.

I loved working with Laura. She made me feel instantly comfortable, and was very easy to communicate with. Communication is essential to a successful shoot; I always like to ask questions, and remind the photographer to feel free to direct my posing or expression, if I’m not actually doing the thing I think I’m doing. She made sure to be clear about what she wanted me to do, so I really felt like we were on the same page. I also really loved that we improvised based on any ideas that came to us. That was really great. It provided us with incredible images, that I am SO proud of. I can’t wait to work with Laura again on an upcoming project this weekend! We’re getting really creative and I can’t wait.

It was also awesome to be able to work with my bestie Natalie Slater, on this project! Natalie and I have been friends for ages, and have goofed around with makeup and photos together, a ton. I thought it would be great to have her as my partner in crime, and I was exactly right. Nat did an incredible job with my makeup. We ended up creating two different looks, with the first being a very soft, dewy look. Laura gave a couple of examples of the kind of makeup she likes to photograph for the type of portraits we were doing, and Nat followed it to a tee. Laura was sure Nat could read her mind, and I hope they get a chance to work together on other projects!

The first look we did was just really casual, pretty portraits, with me in a really cute pink sweater from RW&Co. The makeup Nat did worked really beautifully with this look.

The second look we did was more creative, with tons of tulle. I love tulle. I LOVE TULLE. I. LOVE. IT. Laura makes a lot of her props and wardrobe herself, so I was super impressed with how gorgeous this blue skirt was. We did some shots just with the skirt and a nude mesh bodysuit, with a really gorgeous white lace cropped bustier that I got from Victoria’s Secret last spring; you may remember it from this really dreamy bridal boudoir set that I did with Madison, last April.

But before we did those shots, Laura and Natalie created a dress for me, from spare pieces of tulle. Like I said, improvising! And it was absolutely stunning. I couldn’t believe it when I saw the photos after. I mean:


Is this me, or a painting??? We just don’t know.


This shot really showcases the beautiful work Nat did with my makeup.

The next look we did was one that I created. I had gotten this really gorgeous black lace maxi dress from Forever XXI in the fall, and have been dying to shoot in it ever since. I paired it with a black lacy bodysuit from LaSenza and a pair or platform Mary Janes, and a really lovely black floral lace choker. I really was inspired by one of Taylor’s looks in the Blank Space video. Laura has this incredible antique couch in her studio, and it really completed the vibe. Nat darkened the makeup look we had started with, to give more definition to my eyes, and we added a favourite lip colour (Kat VonD Liquid to Matte Lipstick in Lolita). The images turned out really moody, beautiful and intense. This look was especially fun because it was a really great contrast with the soft pastel tulle images. I’m not as tough in real life as I look in these pictures.




For the final look, we stayed with the more defined makeup, and I slipped into this incredible silver full-length dress that I got from H&M back in December for, get this: $19.99! I was floored, and just had to grab it. The silhouette is creates is gorgeous and I wanted an excuse to wear it. The images ended up having a really cool Old Hollywood kind of vibe, which as you all know, I love.



All in all, I am just chuffed with how great these images turned out. And this is one of my favourite ways to make art. Can’t wait for my next project with Laura! So thankful to have the opportunity to make such beautiful art, with such talented artists.

Love Always,

Emma Cate

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