Baby, baby, baby, OOOOH.

The next month or so is going to be absolutely rife with excitement. It started this weekend, with a housewarming party and a baby shower.

One of my bosom friends just bought his first place! Bought it! Purchased a home! A place to live!!!!! That he bought himself!!!! I’m not sure when we became grown-ups, but I’m thinking I need to just keep faking it ’til I make it. Because it is just out of control that Brandon is now a homeowner. And it was really great being able to celebrate the milestone with him this weekend. It was great to see some friends that I hadn’t seen in ages. Catching up is always nice… but exhausting. We both passed out at about 10pm, Brandon in his room, and me on a surprisingly comfy air mattress in the livingroom. I unfortunately didn’t take any photos at the party – I was too busy chatting.

In the morning, we got dressed, and headed to Home Sense to spend some of the gift card money that Brandon received from guests. I need to preface this with telling you that I really love shopping for kitchen supplies and home accessories. So I was definitely excited to be wandering around Home Sense on a Sunday morning, especially with a Grandé soy Vanilla Latté from Starbucks in hand. We ended up leaving with a cart full of miscellaneous kitchen things. Just the essentials really.

After our shopping excursion, we jumped in the car and hit the highway to the city, to the baby shower honouring the pending offspring of our besties Chris and Ginessa, in The Beaches. The shower was everything I expected it to be: chic, well put together, lots of delicious food, and MIMOSAS. Also friends. And baby bump. I’m very excited to meet Baby Bean. I’ve already bought a lot of books. Between me and my Mum, they have a full library for the little one.

Because Ginessa is an event planner by trade, parties that she plans are always perfect. They have a great vibe, excellent decor, perfect food/drink, and of course lots of laughs. This event was really special because it was celebrating the beginning of a really exciting and new part of life. And it was super great because it wasn’t at all like traditional baby-showers (which let me tell you, I don’t super love going to); Ginessa has always been ahead of the curve when it comes to trends. She’s essentially the coolest person I know, and that definitely shows through her work, and how she styles her life. While Chris and Ginessa have shared the expected sex of the baby, the shower was not distinctly gendered. It was also an event that was open to men and women, making it a really comfortable environment.

Ginessa opened the gifts as they came to her, because she wasn’t keen on the idea of everyone sitting and watching her open them. To be quite honest, it seems uncomfortable to me, too. But the gifts they received were all so lovely, and I could really start seeing the nursery come together, as the closet started to fill up with tiny human clothes. SO TINY. SO VERY VERY TINY. Okay I’m done.

Here is a little snapshot of how the day went

So thankful that I was able to celebrate such an exciting time with so many people that I love. Life doesn’t slow down, ever. And I don’t think that I want it to. It’s a wildly terrifying adventure, and I’m really scared. But I think that’s okay, because I don’t think anyone really knows what they’re doing, or is ready for what life hands them. I know that I’m certainly not.

Being scared is okay. I’ll be okay.

Love Always,

Emma Cate

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