It Feels Good to Go Home.

Like I talked about in my previous post, this past week was really weird and more draining than my weeks normally are.

But my weekend was great. I headed to Hamilton on Saturday in preparation for my upcoming photoshoot on Sunday with Madison. She and Mackenzie met me in that Starbucks where I wrote my last post, so that Madi could pick up some garments that we were borrowing for the shoot. I was both really excited about the impending shoot, and very VERY nervous. It ended up going swimmingly, but more about that at a later date.

After getting to Hamilton, Chenz and I decided to head down to the lakefront to go for a walk with her super adorable dog, Brook. We saw so many dogs! What a great walk. My favourite was this very tiny puppy; a Dacsund/Jack Russell Terrier mix named Maple. It was awesome seeing her tiny human walking her and looking out for her with such care. I am now absolutely kicking myself for not taking a photo of this precious little pup. Brook was getting to be more nervous and wound up than usual, so we decided to head back to the house to drop her off.

I was staying at my sister Abby’s house (she’s a student at McMaster), so we stopped by her place to pick up the keys so that I would be able to get into the house if she happened to be already gone out by the time I got back. Then (of course) we had to eat. We love to eat together. We decided on Swiss Chalet. Which was an excellent choice, because they currently have an ‘all-you-can-eat- fries’ promotion. And as you can imagine, we ate far more french fries than is probably appropriate or healthy, to eat in one sitting. But we left with full bellies. Our next stop was picking up snacks for the movies.

Movie theatre food is just way too expensive. I’m already paying $14.99 to see the film, why you gotta charge me $4.00 for a Coca Cola? I’m not even going to get into the candy costs…. But I digress.

The Jungle Book was AMAZING. I am not a super huge fan of the original Disney film, but this reboot was just too much. The visuals were stunning, and I felt the story had depth and feeling. The boy who played Mowgli was excellent, and I seriously enjoyed each of the voice actors for the jungle creatures ensemble. What I will say though, is that the film was also terrifying. The CG was so realistic (add on 3D on top of that), that it made both me and Chenz jump on more than one occasion. Definitely not a film for very tiny humans. I can speak from experience, that movies that scare you as a child don’t ever really stop bothering you. My brother still refuses to watch Jumanji with me.

After wrapping the shoot on Sunday, I was exhausted. I headed back to my sister’s place and promptly slumped into a cuddled up position and cruised the internet.

Monday was the part of my “weekend” that really put the past week into perspective for me. Madi, Chenz, and I headed to Waterloo to meet up with Jaclyn and Hilary for a picnic in the park. What a treat it was to be able to reconnect with them. It felt like coming home. We were in the place where we all met, and fell in friendship love. It felt like we had never left.


We ate fruit, and chips, and cheese, and baby carrots with hummus. We layed on a blanket and soaked in the 27 degree weather, like it was the first time any of us had ever seen the sun. We listened to Jaclyn tell us about her adventures travelling Asia over the last three months, and Madison talk about her trip back to England to visit. We played with Hilary’s puppy, Ruby. We lamented over not being able to be together all the time like we used to be, and wondered at how we ever survived school. We took embarrassingly adorable photos. We went to the pub where Jaclyn used to work and had drinks on the patio. We walked the main street like we always used to. We marvelled at the archaeological discovery that was made during the construction of a new streetcar transit system, along King Street (seriously, it is SO COOL). We climbed to the top of the parkade where we used to eat ice cream, and promptly were approached by a security guard, telling us that the city bylaws no longer allow photos on the parkade… But not before Madison snapped this gorgeous shot.


Being there just felt right. It felt good. It felt healing. And it reminded me of the final scene in a movie that I love. It reminded me how incredibly lucky I am to have had the opportunities that I have had. It reminded me that even when I’m hurting, even when I have weeks like this one, I can go home. I can go home and find myself again. And home is where the people I love, are. Wherever that may be. And on Monday, it was Waterloo with Chenz, Hil, Jac, and Madi.

Love Always,

Emma Cate


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