Photoshoot Adventures: Vintage in the City with Rosemary.

Spring is coming! Well… It’s supposed to be, anyway. In honour of the first day of Spring, I had the privilege of doing a photoshoot with a lovely young photography student named Rosemary, who is currently working on her term project for the Photography program at Ryerson University.

Rosemary and I are both members of this really neat Facebook group, that is a forum for photographers, models, makeup artists, hairstylists, wardrobe stylists, designers, and all other garden varieties of creatives, to connect with each other to work together on projects. Some casting calls that get posted are for paid work, though most are “trade for” posts. This means that a group of creatives gets together to work on a project, trading their respective services in exchange for the end result photographs/credits for their portfolios or CVs. The talent within this group is seriously astounding, and I am continually thankful to be able to be in touch with so many talented artists.

Rosemary posted a few weeks back looking for models for her upcoming school project. She wanted to photograph models wearing vintage clothing, contrasted with the modern setting of Toronto. I knew I had to jump on it! You all know how much I love vintage clothing. So we started talking back and forth about ideas and outfits over Facebook messages. Eventually, we settled on a date, and Rosemary sent me some photos of vintage pieces that she had collected for her project.

The one piece that really stood out to me amongst the rest was a beautiful sheer black dress with billowy sleeves. It had a definite 1940’s vibe, which I absolutely loved. It fell to just below knee length, and I knew I had the perfect shoes to pair with it. I also decided to bring a pair of little black leather gloves with bow details, and a three-string pearl necklace (that I found for $7 at Value Village in October), so the look would feel complete.

In order to get the right vintage look, I decided to curl my hair. Now, I ran into a bit of trouble with this part. Normally, for a more vintage style curl, I would use my broad barrel curling iron. But, when I plugged it in to get started on my hair in the morning, it just was not getting quite hot enough. The curls were not coming out at all and I started getting stressed about running out of time. I tried a few with my curling wand instead, but I felt that the style was too modern for the look I needed. So I frantically ran around looking for my flat iron (which turned out to be sitting in plain sight on my bookshelf – don’t even get me started), because I knew I could get the look I wanted much more quickly than with the curling iron.

Using my flat iron turned out really well. When doing a vintage look, I always make sure to shape the curls toward my face rather than outward; this way when the curls are brushed together, they portray an earlier era. Outward curls are more distinct for the 60’s and later, and is how I usually curl my own hair when I do curl it. I also used this shoot as an opportunity to try out a new curl holding product (Vintage Glam Curling Iron Cream) that I picked up at Sally’s on sale a few months ago. You apply it like a lotion, either before or after styling. I did both, because I found that the cream did a nice job of taming flyaways. I did end up using hairspray (my go-to is Aussie Flexible Hold) as well, because I was concerned about the wind. After styling was finished, I brushed through the curls to work them together, to get the loose wave curl. Admittedly, in spite of my efforts, the curls ended up separating again in the wind. But it looked cute anyway, so my heart isn’t broken.

For makeup, I decided to keep it fairly simple; I didn’t want my makeup to overpower my features too much, as I felt the focus should instead be on expression and the clothing. I am by no stretch an expert in makeup (read: at all), but I felt comfortable with what I ended up going with. I did winged liner, using my waterproof Sephora Collection liquid liner, and added Quo “natural” false lashes for extra oomph on the eyes. I finished them off by blending my own lashes with the false ones, using my Covergirl LashBlast mascara in “Very Black”. For my lips, I used one of my favourites (and my birthday gift this past fall, from Sephora) NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in “Cruella”. I love this lip colour because it’s fairly close to the lip colour that Peggy Carter uses in Agent Carter. Can you tell I’m a fan? I brought it all together with a light brush of blush, using MAC Cosmetics Sheertone Shimmer Blush in “Ambering Rose”. This colour is fairly intense, but I like the definition it gives, especially because I knew the majority of the photos would be edited in black and white.

Overall, I was beyond pleased with how these photos turned out. It was bitterly cold and blustery, but Rosemary was very patient with me, and we had a blast together. We finished off our shoot by grabbing some tea together at Tim Hortons, which was the perfect way to end the afternoon. Our fingers were really cold!

Here are some of my favourite shots from the shoot:

It almost goes without saying, but I can’t wait to do more work with artists from the Ontario Creatives Facebook group, and experiment more in my own art.

You can find more of Rosemary’s art on her Instagram page.

I’m still working on a post about the process of baking a pie on Pie Day with my beloved. Stay tuned for flaky strawberry sweetness!

Love Always,

Emma Cate


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