New Year… New Blog?

Well, it’s 2016. I wasn’t ready, if I’m being totally honest. I had finally started remembering to write ‘2015’ at the top of my page and now I have to change again. Such hardship, really.

I’ve always loved writing. Always. Except papers. Those are a big #nope. And so because of the amount of Big #Nope that has filled my life for the last five years, I’ve let my writing fall by the wayside. I’ve got a novel on my computer that I started… Four years ago. Last time I wrote something for it? A year ago. Quite sad, truly. I sort of look at the document on my desktop longingly every few days, and wonder why I don’t have the energy or true will to open it and get some words down on the page.

So, my resolution this year is to get myself together and get back to doing something that I love, now that the mountain of Big #NOPE is behind me. Don’t get me wrong, I loved university. Really, I did. I’m just also reaaaaally glad that it’s over. Now I can get my life started…. Once I get rid of those student loans. But that’s a story for a different day.

I knew that a blog would be the perfect way to get me back into the habit of writing.

I want this blog to be snapshots of my life. A digital memoir. With director commentary, of course. Despite being elated with done school, I also find myself feeling a little starved for academic activity. So there may be a little of that on here, as well. Afterall, how does a graduate enjoy consuming media without analyzing it? The answer is that this one really enjoys consuming media AND breaking it down into smaller, bite-sized, critical parts. And I have a lot of Star Wars feelings. Sorry in advance.

Along with these bite-sized academic things, I’ll be posting about my adventures navigating post-undergrad life. It’s uncharted waters, and no one seems to know where they’re going, which is simultaneously electrifyingly exciting, and absolutely terrifying. Maybe some of you will be able to learn from my mistakes, and fill in the map of a adulthood a little bit. But like I said, none of us have a single clue what we’re doing. Fake it ’til you make it.

I’ll also be talking about clothes and hair and makeup and stuff like that because like any self-respecting GenX/Millenial young adult, I care a great deal about how others perceive me (it’s something I’m working on). I also really love the artistry that comes with creating oneself… It’s one of the few things that we have control over in this out-of-control universe. It’s comforting to know that its totally up to me, how I present myself. Also, I need more practice being a grown-up, so learning and talking about fashion is helping. Thankfully I have a number of friends who are more adept at being put together than I am, so they help too. You may see posts from them on here from time to time.

I also will be sharing some of my creative endeavours with you. You may find crafting tutorials, or what will really be recounts of my adventures attempting to craft like a Pinterest Queen. I’ve saved up some lovely things on my crafting board, so look out!

Can’t wait to get started.

Love Always,

Emma Cate

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